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It's Your Choice

RV Transporting. Love it or hate it, hauling campers is unlike almost any job out there. One can run as many loads as possible or as few as one a month. Full time or part time, the choice is yours. If it is a place holder as a temporary job or you want to make a career out of it, the choice is yours. One can go round trip across the country in a week or take short day-long runs. Again, the choice is yours.

Freedom is what comes to mind with all of these choices. The freedom of choice is something it seems we all gravitate towards. In America, we value our freedom like our next breath. Every choice counts in life. And although there are many unique choices to be made in this line of work with decision making, planning, and managing, the overall business comes with a long list of pros and cons...


Making your own schedule, sight seeing, visiting family/friends, vacationing and more are some of the added benefits to this job that makes it so attractive. You can pick a region of the country you have never seen or maybe visit family relatives that were once too far away to see. Family vacations just got cheaper with delivering a trailer to a nearby dealership and much more.


Breakdowns, accidents, road delays, bad weather, DOT Inspections are some of the most challenging problems one can face out on the road. Even if one is as prepared as possible, no one can predict what may happen out on the road. Things can go south (and not the direction) in a hurry. Your physical health and financial strength are at risk every day on the job.

So the choice is yours to make. Is RV Transporting a line of work that would be a good fit for you? If you don't know the answer, I've created this site and my Youtube Channel to be a resource for information that you need to know as a prospective transport driver in RV Transporting.

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