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How I got started!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

February 1, 2016 I was hired by Synergy RV Transport. I had heard about the driveaway/towable RV industry a year prior from a friend who had been at multiple companies for years. He shared about the freedom and flexibility of the job and unique opportunity which sparked my interest. Months later when the opportunity opened up I jumped all in by buying my first diesel truck.

I chose a Ford 6.0 Longbed SRW 4X4 Lariat which came with a 5th wheel hitch and a Boss snowplow. I put $1000's into it getting it road worthy before that fateful day when I would get to take it out on the road to haul campers. I was consumed with making sure I had everything I needed and that the truck was completely good to go for hauling. I did all of this while I was still a school bus driver for the county where I stepped down from my two bus routes and agreed to stay on as a sub bus driver whenever I was in town and available.

My birthday came around on January 31, 2016 in which I turned 23 years old. I am sure RV transport companies wouldn't want to hire much younger inexperienced drivers, but for insurance purposes industry wide no commercial insurance company could legally insure me younger than 23 years old. So my hire/insure date was as early as legally possible. Next would come the training/orientation process in which I hope to share with you in my next post!

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